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Antonino Secchia ,*1988 in Italy
In 2002 he began his study on percussion at the conservatory of Trapani and in 2010 he graduates with the highest mark under Fulvia Ricevuto’s guidance. In 2006 he began his study on Music and New Technologies at the concervatory of Trapani with Domenico Sciajno. He recorded in 2008 for the national radio (radio 3) “Le Marteau sans maître” of Pierre Boulez  and “Persephassa” of Iannis Xenakis for the festival “Suona Francese”. In the same year, together with Dario Sanfilippo, he performed at the festival Live!iXem and Isole in Musica. Currently he studies at Hochschule für Musik F.Liszt School of Weimar under the guidance of Markus Leoson and Gerhard Gläßer. He’s member of the AMP2 ensemble. He is working also in duo with guitarist Ruben D´hers.
16. 6. Konzert mit AMP2, Postgarage 17. 6. Konzert mit AnVeronika Mayer, Ye Hui & Gandolfo Pagano, ESC im Labor
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