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Dario Sanfilippo ,*1963, in Agrigento, Italy
His musical career started around 1997 as a producer in the “breakcore/brokenbeats” scene. Deeply interested in non-conventional art, he parallelly undertook his research on experimental music which would soon become the center of his whole work. Besides the studio composition, he started exploring the improvisation, which would be largely or entirely used for his works and performances by 2005. Through his most recent projects, he developes nonlinear real-time processing systems based on positive feedback networks, generated sound through short-circuited analog devices, and makes use of environmental recordings. On Live!iXem Festival in 2005, his composition “Chitarra Acustica Improvvisamente Stravolta” was selected after being evaluated by a jury made up of Phill Niblock, Jeremy Bernstein, Xavier Querrel and Domenico Sciajno. And in 2007, the composition “Pasto Nudo” was contained in the 5 finalists on the Art National Award 2007. In 2008, he became a member of AMP2 (Advanced Music and Mixed Media Pool Palermo), which is an electro-acoustic ensamble and collective for experimental art founded by Domenico Sciajno. His works have been published on labels such as Die Schachtel (IT) Creative Sources (PT), Bowindo (IT), Nexsound (UA), Idroscalo (IT), Entity (BE), and he has performed in different festivals (Urgh, Turin 2004 - Live!iXem2005, Mestre 2005 - Scatole Sonore, Rome 2006 - Live!iXem2008, Palermo 2008 - Isole in Musica, Palermo 2009 - Alter@, Avellino 2009) and experimental music events (Idroscalo Party, Rome 2003 - Idroscalo Showcase, Palermo 2005 - ElettroCinematica#2, Palermo 2005 - Premio Nazionale delle Arti 2007, Bologna 2008 - AMP2 Showcase, Palermo 2008 - CasaOrioles, Palermo 2009 - Vel’Ak Gala, Vienna 2010 - Kellerstiege, Vienna 2010). In the course of the years he has performed and collaborated with artists like Domenico Sciajno, Tim Hodgkinson, David Brown, Sean Baxter, Anthony Pateras, Peter Kutin, Andrea Valle, Salvatore Bonafede, Fabrizio Elvetico, Rossella Cangini, Urkuma, Rinus van Alebeek, Alfredo D’amato and others. In 2006, he began his study on Music and New Technologies at the conservatory of Trapani, in the class of Domenico Sciajno.
16.6. Konzert mit AMP2, Postgarage
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