Andrea Neumann
Antonino Secchia
Barbara Wilding
Billy Roisz
Brigitta Boedenauer
Dario Sanfilippo
Eva Hausberger
Florian Kindlinger
Gandolfo Pagano
Gerhard Daurer
Heike Kaltenbrunner
Jean-Luc Guionnet
Justin Winkler
Klaus Filip
Miriam Raggam
noid /aka Arnold Haberl
Paula Matthusen
Peter Ablinger
Peter Kutin
Philip Leitner
Seijiro Murayama
Tim Blechmann
Ulrich Troyer
Veronika Mayer
Ye Hui
Gandolfo Pagano,*1962 in Palermo
His musical experience begins with popular music and continues with rock, pop and jazz, playing with various groups and participating to numerous concerts. In 2000, he began his studies of improvisation experimenting unconventional music, in search of new sounds with the prepared guitar.His work is concentrated on the timbre research and the creation of sound masses and fragments that he uses to create suggestive ambiances. He took part to festivals like La macchina dei sogni (ed. 2006 and 2009 Polizzi Generosa), Live ixem (2008 Palermo), Alter@ (2009 Avellino). He has also collaborated with artists like Anthony Pateras, Sean Baxter, David Brown, Peter Kutin, Andrea Valle.
16. 6. Konzert mit AMP2, Postgarage 17. 6. Konzert mit Antonino Secchia, Veronika Mayer & Ye Hui ESC im Labor Pagano
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